God loves a cheerful giver because….He is one.

Our prayer is that God would touch the hearts of those who are like-minded to help meet the needs of the House of Decision and House of Opportunity. If He is directing you, we are always in need of:

  • Good running appliances, such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators

  • Reliable vehicles to transport our folks to school and work

  • And cash donations. Our monthly needs, to pay the bills of the entire ranch, hovers around $7,000. That includes all the expenses to house and feed about fifty people and keep six vehicles running! (We pay no salaries and carry no debt.) And, on occasion, we have major repairs (roof replacement, vehicle maintenance, etc.) that raises our expenses. 

  • If you own rental houses, would you designate one a “ministry home.” A safe place where our graduates can start over but at a reduced rental rate that they can afford. We can even manage the home: who lives there, repair work, collecting the rents, holding them accountable to living honoring to God, etc.

Your gifts are tax deductible. We are under a 501c3. Our EIN # is 33-0680923

Send Checks to: House of Decision, 38416 Cherry Valley Blvd., Cherry Valley, CA 92223

Or make an online donation:

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